AI prediction analytics to maximize your manufacturing
efficiency and product quality

Learn how AI maximizes Quality control in manufacturing

Advanced analytics

AI technology

  • Prediction of failures
  • Automatic root cause analysis
  • Automatic alerts
  • Anomaly detection

Improve product


  • Increase yield
  • Reduce product failures
  • Reduce returns of faulty products
  • Optimize product design



  • Increase production capacity
  • Avoid downtime
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduce production cost

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Trusted by leading brands

“ We were looking for a tool that would integrate all our data, analyse it and display it in an easy way. We found out that Qualityline analytics tool gives us everything that we need.”

Remon Shekeib, Global Test Solutions Leader
at General Electric

Unlock the value of your data
Global end-to-end control

Automated and fast integration of any manufacturing data source

100+ companies powered by QualityLine’s AI analytics

Client feedback indicates that QualityLine increased quality and yield by 30% in the first year of use
and average return of investment in 4-7 months


“With QualityLine AI analytics platform, we are able to drill down
into each unit, component, and problem to quickly identify the root cause.”

Eyal Zilca
Testing Leader,
at STANLEY Healthcare

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“Using QualityLine’s customized solution, Emerson improved its yield
by 22%. The implementation had a strong impact on the accuracy of data, and visibility of the production.”

Sigalit Fountain
Director Engineering QA & EHS

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“With the QualityLine AI analytics I have identified 2,3 parameters at the process that are creating 90% of the Outspecs.”

Philippe Rehm
Consultant at AECPL

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“All Molex production quality management team is using the practical and powerful QualityLine AI technology on a daily basis.”

Mr. Marcel Bonar
Director of Quality, Telematics & Wireless M2M


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“Exceptionally flexible system, that
can adapt to our operations’
needs unlike SAP and other solutions we reviewed.”

Niv Tamir
AVP Operations

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“With QualityLine we had continuous efficiency improvement over the last
3 years, which represents significant cost savings.”

Ohad Shental
Quality Manager

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Economic Impact

With automatic alerts and the quick and accurate drill-down to single units and parameters, quality problems can be quickly identified and prevented during the production process to improve efficiency and quality in manufacturing. Reduce faulty units, recalls and downtime, while increasing capacity.

Patented AI technology

Enable automatic integration collection and analysis of any data source to improve quality in manufacturing

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