AI root cause analysis to quickly identify product and process errors in manufacturing  


QualityLine gives you detailed insights into your manufacturing process and creates a total end-to-end process control:

      Root cause analysis examples in manufacturing


      AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

      • Machine learning 
      • Anomaly detection of quality and yield problems
      • Prediction of failures
      • Cross correlations between process and parameters
      • Automatic alerts 
      • Pattern recognition for automated data mapping


      Statistical process control:

      • Real time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
      • Product quality problems
      • Root cause analysis down to the component level
      •  Monitor vendors and subcontractor’s quality of products
      • Drill down to a single tested unit and deep diagnostics
      • Cp/Cpk analysis

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      3 Steps/Long gains

      QualityLine deliver both SPC and AI-powered root cause analysis insights to improve your manufacturing process

      what is quality control in manufacturing - AI manufacturing analytics

      Step 1

      AI Root Cause Analysis

      Root cause analysis examples in manufacturing: QualityLine’s Root cause analysis is powered by AI technology -the patented technology automatically integrates, collects and analyses any type of manufacturing data collected during your manufacturing process:

      • Automated test equipment of any type
      • Manual data collection
      • Repair/rework 
      • ERP/EMS
      • SMT Analytics

      Step 2

      Gain complete control across your global manufacturing operations to boost Quality and Efficiency

      Supplier inefficiency can have a huge impact on the release of products to the market. Automating root cause analysis will deliver end-to-end control and reduce defective modules.

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      Step 3

      Protect your Brand and Customers Loyalty

      A lack of product quality can have negative consequences for companies, including a direct impact on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

      By automating the collection and analysis of data, QualityLine’s root cause analysis improves efficiency and quality.