COVID-19 has affected the global supply chain, resulting in a shortage of production chips all over the world. Demand for electronic products shifted up the supply chain as a result of increased demand due to the pandemic and imposed lockdowns.


It is estimated that the demand for integrated circuits (commonly known as semiconductor chips) has affected more than 169 industries and has led to major shortages for cars, graphics cards, video game consoles, and others.

Experts believe demand will outweigh supply until at least 2023.


How can AI technology help with the chips crisis? 

Although artificial intelligence can’t help with sourcing chips, but it can be very helpful with maximizing the use of the chips you already have and minimizing waste. 

Utilizing AI technologies and advanced analytics solutions will improve chip assembly productivity and quality. We’ll also be able to increase manufacturing efficiency by making optimal use of the chips we have. 


What exactly do we do here to optimize chip usage? 

QualityLine is AI manufacturing Analytics software solution with a patented technology that automatically integrates, interprets and analyses ANY type of manufacturing data and from any factory worldwide.  

QualityLine continuously collects manufacturing data, from multiple locations, in real time and analyses them to create end-end global control that optimizes quality and efficiency in manufacturing.