Enable AI-powered automatic alerts to increase manufacturing efficiency

      The QualityLine solution enables creating automatic alerts for quick and accurate root cause analysis.

      The solution enables drill-down to single units and parameters to identify and prevent quality problems during the production process. 

      QualityLine AI analytics delivers ongoing monitoring & optimization powered by automatic alerts in case of issues, prediction reports and more.

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      Monitoring and AI Analytics Tools- Improve Plant Performance

      Monitoring and AI Analytics Tools- Improve Plant Performance

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      Data = Actionable information

      As part of QualityLine analytics, QualityLine continuously monitors the factory by ensuring that all data sources from any factory are combined, integrated and analyzed. The solution collects product testing and machine data from every corner of your production line in real-time, 24/7. Data is analyzed and turned into actionable information. Furthermore, QualityLine collects and analyzes manual test data as well as repair data.

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      About QualityLine

      QualityLine provides automatic alerting in real time on scenarios the user can configure. In addition the solution includes a set of best-practice alert scenarios that have been proved to be effective and very successful based on years of experience with customers in the electronics manufacturing industry.

      QualityLine is a provider of artificial intelligence manufacturing analytics technology that has improved the efficiency and quality of more than 1,500 production lines worldwide.