Automotive Manufacturing Analytics 


QualityLine’s AI Advanced Analytics improves the Quality of electrical and electronics modules to reduce defects in the vehicle, auto repairs and recalls by automatically integrating all your manufacturing data to one Diagnostic Analytics.

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      Automotive Manufacturing Analytics

      Main Features


      Automated integration
      with any Automotive data source (including data from Suppliers)

      • Monitor data from Suppliers – Analytics Solution that alerts about quality problems in the supplier’s manufacturing process.


      • Reduce automotive exposure to defective modules in the vehicle; Recall incidents: High repair cost in service centers and more.


      Quickly correlate with any saved manufacturing data to improve quality and reduce product returns

      • Real time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
      • Automated & Manual Data
      • Machines, Testing Stations, Sensors
      • First Pass Yield
      • DPM (Defective Parts per Million)
      • RTY (Rolling Throughput Yield)
      • Total Yield
      • Failure Rate


      Root cause analysis
      and deep diagnostics

      • Quick drill down to a single tested unit
      • Cp/Cpk analysis
      • Prediction of failures
      • Correlation coefficient between tested parameters
      • Correlation between faulty products and technicians analysis


      Powerful Analytics – Quick Return on Investment

      • Financial control analytics dashboard (cost of lack of quality and yield)
      • SMT Analytics (AOI, placement, SPI) dashboard
      • Retests Analytics dashboard
      • Faulty units repair analytics dashboard
      • RMA analysis
      • Data cleansing analytics dashboard


      Automatic alerts,
      reports and traceability

      • Automatic alerts for abnormal behaviors
      • Traceability and test history of each unit throughout its life cycle
      • Automatic reports scheduler
      • Preventive maintenance of equipment
      • Qualification of employee monitoring
      • Routing control of manufacturing process monitoring


      Automotive Manufacturing Analytics

      Step 1

      AI Automated Data Integration Sytem

      QualityLine’s Automotive Manufacturing Analytics Software is powered by  AI technology – that automatically integrates with any type of automotive test equipment, sensors and machines in your factory or at the suppliers.


      Step 2

      Gain complete control across your global manufacturing operations to boost Quality and Efficiency

      The lack of suppliers efficiency can create enormous consequences to the final release of the vehicle to the market. Establishing an automotive manufacturing analytics that integrates data from any location worldwide will improve the quality of car components and quickly return your investment as it reduces defective modules in the vehicle and high repair costs in the service centers.

      Step 3

      Improving OEM and Tier 1,2 & 3 Car Manufacturing Process

      Our technology is able to communicate with any test and machine software by IIoT technology so you can monitor suppliers operations. You also don’t have to make any changes to your current test applications or at Suppliers. In just a few weeks after sign-up, you will have a fully customised dashboard  system with all of your manufacturing data giving you complete visibility and control of your production line, including prediction and automatic alerts of anomaly detection.

      industry 4.0

      Step 4

      Protect your Brand and Customers Loyalty

      Poor product quality can have costly consequences for companies, including a direct impact on brand and customer loyalty.

      QualityLine’s automotive manufacturing analytics improve efficiency and quality as allows you to collect accurate automated data for effective insights. Quick correlate any issues with manufacturing data to reduce product returns.

      How Does it work?