AI Diagnostics Analytics, um Ihre Fertigungsqualität und -effizienz weltweit zu verbessern


    QualityLine automatically integrates with any structure of your manufacturing data, continuously collects and analyzes it using deep diagnostics and machine learning algorithms. We then visualize your data into interactive analytics dashboards enabling you to optimize quality and yield and gain end to end visibility of your manufacturing process globally.


    From now on, use QualityLine’s AI technology. It is based on extensive knowledge of over 5 years of research and development and more than 90 years of our experience in the manufacturing industry which has made us understand the challenges of your business.


    We make your manufacturing data work for you in real-time. QualityLine remotely and automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data from any factory worldwide.


    Get 30% higher results in just a few months using QualityLine’s manufacturing analytics and smart factory solution. Try QualityLine’s AI technology and optimize the quality and yield of your manufacturing process and gain full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle.

      Unsere KI-Technologie ermöglicht die systematische und kontinuierliche
      Verbesserung in Ihrem Herstellungsprozess.

      Schnelle und genaue Ursachenanalyse

      Fehlererkennung von Qualitäts- sowie Ertragsproblemen sowie Fehlervorhersage

      Intelligente Datensammlungen auch zwischen einzelnen Produktionsschritten zur
      schnellen Fehlerprävention

      Die patentierte AI-Technologie von QualityLine unterstützt die automatische
      Datenintegration und –analyse

      industry 4.0

      QualityLine integriert, interpretiert und analysiert automatisch alle Arten von
      Fertigungsdaten aus jeder Fabrik und dies weltweit. Wir bieten eine Komplettlösung aus einer Hand, um Ihre Fabrik zu digitalisieren. Damit erhalten Sie ein automatisches und interaktives Analyse-Dashboard, das Vorhersagen und
      automatische Warnungen zur Erkennung von Fehlern erzeugt

        Merkmale zur Steigerung der Produktionskapazität, Qualität und Ausbeuted

        Automatisierte Integration in jede Datenquelle

        Automatisierte Testgeräte / ERP / MES / Manuelle Prüfung / Reparaturdaten von produktionsfehlernden Einheiten / RMA Daten produktionsfehlerhafter Einheiten

        Merkmale zur Steigerung der Produktionskapazität, Qualität und Ausbeute

        KPI-Analyse nach Anlage, Prozess, Produkt, Auflösung und Zeit

        First Pass Yield / DPM (Defekte Teile pro Million) / RTY (Rolling Throughput Yield) / Gesamtertrag / Fehlerrate

        Merkmale zur Steigerung der Produktionskapazität, Qualität und Ausbeute

        Ursachenanalyse und eingehende Diagnose

        Schneller Drilldown zu einer einzelnen getesteten Einheit / Cp / Cpk-Analyse / Vorhersage von Fehlern / Korrelationskoeffizient zwischen getesteten Parametern / Korrelation zwischen fehlgeschlagenen Tests und Technikeranalyse

        Merkmale zur Steigerung der Produktionskapazität, Qualität und Ausbeute

        Interactive analytics dashboards

        Produktleistungs-Dashboard / SMT Analytics-Dashboard (AOI, Platzierung, SPI) / Retests Analytics-Dashboard / Fehlerhafte Einheiten Reparaturanalyse-Dashboard / RMA-Analyse / Datenbereinigungs-Analyse-Dashboard / Finanzkontroll-Analyse-Dashboard (Kosten für mangelnde Qualität und Ertrag)

        Features boosting manufacturing capacity, quality and yield

        Überwachung testen

        Automatic alerts for abnormal behaviours / Traceability and test history of each unit throughout its life cycle / Automatic reports scheduler / Preventive maintenance of equipment / Qualification of employee monitoring / Routing control of manufacturing process monitoring

        Automatisierte Integration in jede Datenquelle
        KPI-Analyse nach Anlage, Prozess, Produkt, Auflösung und Zeit
        Ursachenanalyse und eingehende Diagnose
        Interactive analytics dashboards
        Automatische Warnungen, Berichte und Rückverfolgbarkeit


          We have been using QualityLine's solution since 2017, keeping our existing data output, but significantly shortening product manufacturing time and gaining full end-to-end transparency over the whole production cycle. Our production capacity improved by 22% within the first year of use.

          Marcel Bondar

          Director of Quality, Telematics & Wireless M2M, Molex
          After having interviewed global companies, including Siemens, Contel and SEEBO, we gave the final go-ahead to QualityLine's solution. Other solutions were either too expensive, with unnecessary features, or simply didn’t provide required results.

          Sigalit Fountain

          Director Engineering QA & EHS, Emerson
          Thanks to QualityLine’s smart manufacturing solution we are achieving up to 85% of yield increase. QualityLine enables us to have a big picture on a daily basis and excellent root cause analysis of yield problems.

          Niv Tamir

          AVP Operations, Gilat Satellite Networks
          Few months after collaborating with QualityLine real time manufacturing analytics, we experienced a significant improvement in quality, reduced downtime incidents and shortened the delivery time to customers.

          Moshe Levinson

          Engineering Manager, Siklu Communication, Ltd
          QualityLine solution enables manufacturers to collect, consolidate, analyze, and display process data at the component level in dashboards.

          Frank Bleisteiner

          Digital Factory, Siemens AG
          Online real time quality in manufacturing supervision is necessary. The running of any manufacturing line without on-line supervision is impossible. It is a necessity to test data analysis for quality assurance purposes as well as manufacturing capacity evaluation.

          Ilya Vatsel

          Vice President, Operations, Mobileye Products

          QualityLine is the AI technology of manufacturing champions

          Our primary goal is to ensure your products’ timely delivery at the required quality level. That’s why we created our advanced manufacturing intelligence technology that plays a vital role in ambitious and innovative projects. Increased productivity and significantly enhanced quality are key improved performances based on QualityLine’s customer feedback.

          Reduced client returns of faulty products
          Yield increase
          Production capacity improvement

            Your production chain is in good hands.

            QualityLine’s digital factory solution is the perfect way to start your digital transformation.