Many factories are strategically pursuing digital factory tools – from Industry 4.0 in Germany and Smart Manufacturing in the USA. But what can my factory do to keep up with digital manufacturing trends?

Industry 4.0 in manufacturing claims to be the 4th generation of the industrial revolution.

The main idea is to utilize advanced technologies like manufacturing intelligence and machine learning in order to establish very efficiently with zero defects manufacturing lines.

Some factory efforts and methodologies towards a Digital factory are:

  • Big data
  • Self-optimization
  • Self-configuration
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Cognitive and machine learning to support workers in their increasingly complex work.

The target is to achieve a significant increase in efficiency and yield while reducing waste and inefficiency.

Therefore, the question that each of us should ask himself is whether his factory is making the right steps towards the adaptation of industry 4.0 in smart manufacturing.

These changes are already beginning to happen, these innovative technologies show that change can be managed effectively, and for significant manufacturing advantage.

Quality control in manufacturing

Smart manufacturing technologies enhance the manufacturing process continuously collecting and analyzing your data in real-time to achieve and maintain quality performance.

Our clients report a 30% increase in quality and yield in the first year of use. Companies can Reduce downtime incidents and have an average of 4 months ROI (return on

How does it work?

QualityLine automatically creates an analytics and interactive dashboarding system that automatically predicts and sends alerts for any anomaly detection to prevent degradation in the manufacturing process.
Our remote monitoring solutions let you gain full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle with accurate information about each unit tested. An automated root cause analysis will reduce manufacturing waste and minimize failure rate, improving your production efficiency and quality.

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