A digital factory approach to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and improve control Quality

When you monitor quality control testing each stage of the production flow:  from the inspection of incoming raw material to the final stage prior to the delivery of finished goods- the testing data gets eventually crowded and accumulated in your manufacturing line.

What is the main reason for this situation?

The reason is information overload. When running a mass manufacturing line, it is impossible to routinely “digest” all the detailed information collected from testing stations. We usually only analyze this data in detail when a problem occurs and gets us busy finding the root cause analysis to solve the issue.

For accurate and useful quality data analysis we need to work with technologies that will collect and analyze the entire test data in real-time and give us the ability to really control the manufacturing process.

The digital factory expands outside the company boundaries and allows a full collaboration on processes over the whole supply chain.

QualityLines’s solutions to a digital factory approach for an efficient manufacturing cycle automatically captures the entire data accumulated during the manufacturing process. This data is analyzed and turned into actionable information to significantly improve quality and yield. Manufactures that already use our technology report a 30% increase in quality and yield in the first year.

The system automatically integrates in real-time the entire testing data from every corner of the manufacturing line and presents it in interactive analytics dashboards that will provide:

  • Integration with any type of saved manufacturing data structure.
  • Continuous data collection. 
  • Data harmonization – creating a global unified database.  
  • Data analytics: Qualityline automatically analyses the data using advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning. 
  • Data visualization. QualityLine automatically creates an interactive analytics dashboarding system including prediction and automatic alerts of anomaly detection. 

Improve your root cause analysis

The teams managing the process can overview the information, conduct data mining into the testing data, quickly conduct root cause analysis, and significantly improve quality and Yield. 

Quality Line’s technologies make it possible to run a quicker and accurate root cause analysis that will:

  • Anomaly detection of quality and yield problems. 
  • Prediction of failure rate. 
  • Smart collections between stages of production for quick problem prevention. 
  • Monitor vendors and subcontractor’s quality of products. 
  • Monitor qualification of shop floor operators.
  • Reduce faulty products return rate from customers.  

Quality control in manufacturing

Smart manufacturing technologies enhance the manufacturing process continuously collecting and analyzing your data in real-time to achieve and maintain quality performance. 

Companies can Reduce downtime incidents and have an average of 4 months ROI (return on investment). 

How does it work?

QualityLine automatically creates an analytics and interactive dashboarding system that automatically predicts and sends alerts for any anomaly detection to prevent degradation in the manufacturing process.

Our remote monitoring solutions let you gain full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle with accurate information about each unit tested. An automated root cause analysis will reduce manufacturing waste and minimize failure rate, improving your production efficiency and quality.

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