Maximizing yield and reducing manufacturing costs for EMS

QualityLine AI technology creates a total end-to-end manufacturing process control that increases quality and efficiency by 30% within one year. 

      The patented technology automatically integrates, collect and analyses ANY type of manufacturing data collected during your manufacturing process:

      • SMT machines
      • AOI, Flying probe, SPI, X-Ray 
      • Automated test equipment 
      • Repair/rework 
      • ERP/EMS
      • Machines  

      QualityLine has been involved in electronics manufacturing operations, engineering, and quality for more than 25 years. Our team deeply understands the challenges of managing a production for many different customers and competitors, such as when products aren’t mature enough for mass production, or if they’re old versions that require design revisions or other challengers.

      EMS quality and yield increased 30% in the first year with AI advanced manufacturing analytics

      Data integration and unification (Any format and format Any system)

      • KPI’s analytics (First Pass Yield, Rolled Throughput Yield, Total Yield, DPMO, Failure rate.
      • Products quality  – CP/Cpk, SPC and detailed analytics to single unit
      • Cross correlation between product parameters

      Predictive failures rate and machine downtime

      • Testing Stations stations performance and availability
      • Repairs Analytics
      • Retests Analytics
      • SMT Analytic

      Automatic Alerts for abnormal issues and Manufacturing Analytics Reports

      Scheduling of automated reports and SMS/email alerts to prevent degradation in the manufacturing process.