1-What is the preparation required before implementing QualityLine’s industrial monitoring solution? 

As much as it sounds like magic, in order to start working with QualityLine, the factory does not have to change anything in its existing data processing. 

QualityLine’s  industrial monitoring solution is 100% software. We do not install any hardware or force the factory to work with a required API.  We use the data that has already been accumulated (automatically or manually). That means that we automatically integrate, interpret and analyse any type of saved test and repair data structure. The factory can keep its existing manufacturing process and data outputs.

2-Can your analytics collect data from different factories around the world at the same time?

Yes. QualityLine’s AI pattern recognition technology automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data from any factory worldwide. The entire set up process can be done remotely and will organize all your data in a unification database. Our remote monitoring solution is in use by factories located in many different countries.

3- Why do you call your solution a ‘’one-stop-solution’’ to make a factory digital? What means that my factory will become digital with an analytics solution?

Digital factory means that you gain complete control over your manufacturing process using the data accumulated during the manufacturing process. 

QualityLine advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning will create an interactive analytics dash boarding system that includes prediction and automatic alerts of anomaly detection. That will shorten the product manufacturing time, reduce downtime incidents and improve your whole manufacturing process.

QualityLine’s industrial monitoring solution will: 

  • Collect and do the integration process with your data
  • Harmonize and unify your data
  • Continuously collect and analyse your data
  • Visualize the BI Analytics for you

4- How does AI manufacturing analytics improve to run a root cause analysis?

QualityLine uses advanced algorithms to run smart correlations between stages of production and tested parameters.  It provides a quick and accurate root cause analysis capability including  prediction of failure rate and automated alerts.  Our manufacturing analytics will show you where your problem is and what should be fix it. That will also reduce faulty products and return rate from customers.

5- Why do you say that the remote monitoring solution can improve product design and testability for manufacturing?

QualityLine remote monitoring solution optimizes your test limits, improving your testability so a smart correlation and cross influencers between tests can enable a quick and efficient New Product Introduction process  (NPI). The information provided on QualityLine’s analytics helps the R & D team improve their design for manufacturability. 

6-What is the source of the 30% quality and yield improvement in one year or the 4 months ROI that you mention in your website?

Those numbers are coming from our customers survey as well as industry standard key Performance Indicators that we continuously measure and visualize on ours analytics dashboards set up for our customers. Our industrial monitoring solution is used by any size of industry.

7-  Why customers describe QualtiyLine’s industrial monitoring as a very effective quality and efficiency control system? 

This is because we turn the factory data into a meaningful and actionable  information as:

  • We measure and analyse Test and process data of each single unit and from each process and plant (including from your contract manufacturer).
  • We automatically detect Quality and Yield problems. 
  • Effective Root cause analysis of detected problems can easily be done  
  • Automatic alerts are been set up 
  • Prediction of problems is been provided  
  • Key Performance indicators are constantly being constantly measured.