Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 –  Automated data integration by Advanced Manufacturing Analytics

What is industry 4.0? The automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. Improve quality and efficiency with our AI solution - Request today a Live Demo with one of our specialists.

Our Free Trial can show how quality managers can ensure the best means to achieve quality control and improvement. Smart manufacturing delivers new tools to operations and quality managers that improve root cause analysis, enabling operation managers to quickly respond to critical situations and improve on multiple KPIs.

Learn how to enable data collection from each data source in real time from repair stations, manual tests, automated tests and customers. It improves efficiency while reducing the costs of your manufacturing line.

The fourth industrial revolution is starting to change the way goods are produced, improving efficiency while reducing production costs.

Our advanced manufacturing analytics solution can now be accommodated for the manufacturing industries from fully manual systems to high levels of automation. QualityLine’s uses advanced algorithms  that can integrate any accumulated data from any factory. Any size, location worldwide or industrial protocols. Learn more about our smart factory technology.