Improve the quality and functionality of medical devices



      Ensure the quality of medical devices


      AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

      • Machine learning 
      • Anomaly detection of quality and yield problems
      • Prediction of failures
      • Cross correlations between process and parameters
      • Automatic alerts 
      • Pattern recognition for automated data mapping


      Real-time Solution

      • Real time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
      • Product quality problems from medical devices
      • Root cause analysis down to the component level
      •  Monitor vendors and subcontractor’s quality of products
      • Drill down to a single tested unit and deep diagnostics
      • Cp/Cpk analysis

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      Ensure consistent production quality for medical devices

      QualityLine’s advanced analytics ensures consistent production quality and accurately predicts the performance of future devices to meet consumers’ and patients’ expectations.

      Discover insights that would otherwise be invisible.

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      Ensure quality through deep data analysis.

      QualityLine runs an automated root cause analysis that includes all manufacturing data in every location and process  worldwide delivering a deep data analysis.

      The system correlates between tested parameters, predicts failures and sends automatic alerts for abnormal behaviors. Using artificial intelligence, the technology combines real-time manufacturing data unification to deliver end-to-end control over processes and prevent product defects.

      what is quality control in manufacturing for medical devices

      Reduce production costs – ROI from 4-7 months

      Improve quality with fully automated analytics that allows you to collect accurate data for effective insights within a few weeks of use. The valuable real-time information provided by our advanced analytics will quickly return your investment (ROI).

      Poor product quality can cost lives and have costly consequences for companies, including a direct impact on brand and customer loyalty. QualityLine’s quality management software increases yield, ensuring product quality.