Achieve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) using Real-time Predictive maintenance

      An OEE is a measure of how well equipment (or a complete ecosystem of machines) is performing compared to its full potential. Using this method, we can determine how much of our manufacturing time is truly productive. The performance of OEE impacts productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.

      Applying Real-time QualityLine’s Predictive maintenance to your production will increase equipment availability, maintain machine throughput, and minimize material losses.  QualityLine predicts machines and products failure level of each parameter. The technology will increase equipment availability and maximize cycle time. The solution production alerts you of quality defects.

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      Overall Equipment Efficiency

      How to solve the Causes of low OEE

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      Overall Equipment Efficiency

      Low OEE scores can be the result of many manufacturing interconnected problems, the main ones are:


      • Excess machine downtime: Critical assets are taken offline due to breakdown, sluggish performance, or deviation of cycle time and testing time from the measured standard time. This is often the result of a lack of end to end control.
      • Product quality: The quality of the product(s) being produced is one of the main components within an OEE calculation. 


      As all false testing activities (manual and automated) as well as repairs of faulty units are closely monitored by QualityLine, the overall average standard time to produce a unit will be reduced.  

      In addition to identifying unnecessarily repeated tests, QualityLine also identifies the coefficients of correlation between tests. By identifying and preventing inefficient or faulty activities, manufacturing teams can avoid downtime.

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      About QualityLine

      QualityLine is a provider of artificial intelligence manufacturing analytics technology that has improved the efficiency and quality of more than 1,500 production lines worldwide.