“Quality 4.0” refers to smart and digital methods of controlling the quality of products during and after manufacturing, which are crucial components of Industry 4.0.

Quality 4.0 demonstrates new technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and connected devices for achieving manufacturing operational excellence and maximizing product quality.

The transformation occurs in the culture of quality, the leadership, smart technologies, and the quality control processes. 

Quality 4.0 builds upon traditional quality methods rather than replacing them.

Quality 4.0 -advanced technologies to maximize product quality

QualityLine’s AI manufacturing quality 4.0 technology maximizes manufacturing efficiency and product quality as it continuously collects the entire manufacturing data into a unified digital twin database

Data from multiple sources is then synchronized and analyzed in real-time to deliver deep insights into manufacturing data that would otherwise be impossible to gain.

QualityLine utilizes “Quality 4.0”  technology to provide four levels of analytics, predicting failures and recommending effective solutions.

Using automatic Root Cause Analysis and AI algorithms, manufacturers can overcome quality and yield challenges to maximize productivity and quality.

With all manufacturing data included in the formula, you will have the ability to identify and resolve problems using accurate insights.

As a result of digital transformation, consumers can have access to safe, high-quality products while manufacturers can maintain effective and efficient operation.