Our AI technology is based on extensive knowledge of over 5 years of research and development,
and more than 90 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

The QualityLine story started with our need to monitor the quality control in manufacturing of our own production lines.
We encountered many frustrating situations trying to control manufacturing quality with only a limited set of tools available.
Our challenge was not only trying to overcome quality issues, but also getting our hands on the detailed and timely information we needed in order to resolve them.

That’s why we developed an online monitoring system that integrated with testing stations on our production lines.
The results on our production lines were like night and day. The system could instantly review quality issues, analyze them, and quickly find their root causes.

We’ve always been focused on
quality control in manufacturing

In several months we experienced a significant improvement in production quality, reduced production downtime and shortened the delivery time of products to our customers. The QualityLine AI-based technology came from a real need to address the serious gap in remote production quality control. QualityLine is dedicated to the production teams that work hard days and nights maintaining the required quality level of their mass production lines. Our vision here at QualityLine is to ease that burden while improving quality and efficiency levels.

Our team has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, including quality management of more than 100 mass production lines worldwide. Over the years we’ve faced nearly every possible challenge related to mass production line management.

We have also conducted extensive research on the challenges of controlling the quality of outsourced production lines. Here at QualityLine we live and breath production lines. We know what it takes to establish a line that will consistently produce high-quality products.

Quality control in manufacturing is our passion and life’s work. We want to extend that wealth of experience to support other companies in their factories’ digital transformation.

We’ve lived your challenges and together we will solve them.

Meet our senior managers


Dr. Eyal Kaufman

Founder and CEO

Eyal has senior management experience and over 25 years of expertise in business development, marketing, finance, operations, engineering and quality management at leading industrial companies. Prior to QualityLine, he served as VP of Mobileye, Cardo Systems, and Medisim Ltd., as well as CEO of OnTheGo Systems.

Eyal holds a PhD from California Intercontinental University, an MBA from City University of New York and a BSc. from the Technion in Israel.


Gabriel Magen

Co-Founder, VP Technology

Gabriel possesses over 15 years of experience in production software development, related to manufacturing and quality assurance. Gabriel has a vast knowledge and experience in setting up monitoring systems for manufacturing lines and supervising them.

Prior to QualityLine, Gabriel served as a testing R&D manager at Ellipse Engineering, a senior software developer at Risco Group, an engineering manager at Alvarion, Ltd. and a testing R&D manager at Motorola Israel.

Gabriel holds a M.Sc degree in industrial engineering from Ben Guryon University and a B.A. degree in industrial management from Sapir College in Israel.


Ronen Heldman

VP Sales, Asia Pacific

Ronen brings senior management experience and over 25 years of expertise in product management, marketing, business development and general management. Prior to QualityLine, Ronen served as CMO at Infinity Augmented Reality(acquired by Alibaba), VP Marketing at N-trig Ltd. (acquired by MSFT), VP Marketing at PowerDsine (NASDAQ:PDSN), and PM and R&D lead at RAD Data Communications.

Ronen holds an MBA from College of Management Academic Studies and a BSc. from Technion in Israel


David Hayat

Head of Global Business Development

David brings senior management experience and over 20 years of expertise in general management, business development, and ecosystem strategy.

Prior to QualityLine, David served as Global Managing Director of Accenture’s Ecosystem, CEO of and startup advisor bringing more than 15 startups from scale-up to IPO. He’s currently executing the role of Managing Director of Tydex.


Isaac Garson

VP Client Solutions

Sales & Marketing executive with over 25 years experience of successful team building, Market Penetration & Sales Development worldwide with a particular focus on USA , EMEA and Latin America.


Joseph Chang

Director, Client solutions, Taiwan

Joseph brings senior management experience and over 15 years of expertise in sales, business development, operations and engineering of leading industrial companies. He served as Greater China country manager at N-trig (acquired by Microsoft), and China country manager at Infinity Augmented Reality (acquired by Alibaba).

Joseph holds an M.E. degree from National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan.


Von Dorjevski

Director, Client solutions, North America

Von is an experienced Business Development Executive with a background in technical software solution sales, plastics, sporting, and manufacturing industries. Expert in consultative selling techniques, he is skilled in motivation, leadership, management, marketing strategy, and customer relationship management.

Von is carrying a diploma of the University of Windsor.


Marina Falavina

Marketing Manager

Offering over 15 year’s experience on marketing, sales and business development Marina loves to tell what is the value of your business and engage people online through full inbound marketing activities. B2B, governmental organisations and e-learning business experience on identifying new opportunities and customer retention.