Remote monitoring to industries to delivery easy data integration and business advantage to any size of industry worldwide with its advanced AI recognition technology 

Remote monitoring by QualityLine’s advanced manufacturing analytics solution can now be accommodated for the manufacturing industries from fully manual systems to high levels of automation

The One Stop Solution to a digital factory uses advanced algorithms that automatically analyse any data structure accumulated during the manufacturing process regardless of factory’s size, location worldwide or industrial protocols. The solution has been calling attention to the smart manufacturing market as it can be implemented to any level of automation.

Remote monitoring and Manufacturing Analytics to any level of automation

Highly automated production has been an important step for industry to meet manufacturing requirements and improve quality in manufacturing. Using Manufacturing analytics can help improve the quality of a company’s end product through data-driven product optimization as product design, engineering and testing, repair of faulty units, vendors and customer feedback.

The company’s advanced manufacturing analytics makes it possible for any factory to become digital without installing any hardware, which are very expensive and lengthy processes of existing data integration solutions in the market. 

The solution also enables remote monitoring and data integration to industries with zero automation, collecting data from any type of manual tests procedures that will be analysed and integrated into the manufacturing analytics improving efficiency through an user friendly platform and deliveries the entire digital factory implementation process with some very important advantages: 

  • Integration process with the existing factory data- No changes in existing data structure is required.
  • Collects all the factory data and harmonizes it into one database
  • Creates an BI Analytics for the factory  


Industry 4.0 and smart factory revolution to any industry

“We’re very happy with the result coming from our customer surveys as well as industry standard key Performance Indicators that we continuously measure and visualize on ours analytics dashboards set up for our customers.We have numbers as 30% quality and yield improvement in one year and that push us to keep working to meet our client demands” says Eyal Kaufman, founder and CEO.

QualityLine’s patented AI technology captures any anomaly detection of quality and yield for each product and shows what should be fixed at the manufacturing line. The data Unification into one platform quickly optimizes manufacturing efficiency, quality and performance.