Smart manufacturing: the right way to improve efficiency & quality control in manufacturing

Do you really know how much it cost to manufacture your products? This information is essential since it allows you to accurately set the selling price.

Most companies that are don’t have their production computer-integrated calculate the cost of production based on labor cost and cost bill of material. Is this accurate enough? What about the cost of poor quality (COPQ) and lack of efficiency in production What about the cost of products returned from customers (RMA)?

In order to calculate the real manufacturing cost of your products you need to consider:

  • Failures in production
  • Repairs
  • Products returned from customers
  • Scrap of products and components
  • Late deliveries of products to customers

Only when the cost of lack of quality and efficiency is available and accurate you are able to determine what to prioritize on improvements on your product design and your manufacturing process. Taking all in consideration, you definitely should start to consider smart manufacturing

Data-driven decisions made by Smart manufacturing

So now that we better understand the importance of measuring lack of quality and efficiency in manufacturing, the next question that I’m always being asked is how do we continuously collect the data from the shop in order make a better cost analysis when we are not working with a remote
monitoring system?

Smart manufacturing makes possible to identify opportunities for automating operations, improve manufacturing performance and increase your profitability. You’ll be able to receive automated data collection from
every machine or test equipment.

Many companies still strive to manually collect the data and this requires expensive resources. Our solutions for remote monitoring and management can supervise and guarantee your quality control in manufacturing.

The most accurate and effective way of measuring lack of quality and efficiency in manufacturing is to install our  real time analytics system that can automatically collect relevant data and analyze it.

Quality control in manufacturing

Smart manufacturing technologies enhance the manufacturing process continuously collecting and analyzing your data in real-time to achieve and maintain quality performance.

Our clients report a 30% increase in quality and yield in the first year of use. Companies can Reduce downtime incidents and have an average of 4 months ROI (return on

How does it work?

QualityLine automatically creates an analytics and interactive dashboarding system that automatically predicts and sends alerts for any anomaly detection to prevent degradation in the manufacturing process.
Our remote monitoring solutions let you gain full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle with accurate information about each unit tested. An automated root cause analysis will reduce manufacturing waste and minimize failure rate, improving your production efficiency and quality.

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