Leverage AI technology to optimize SMT efficiency and product quality

      An end-to-end control system will significantly improve SMT by unifying all types of data from each stage and identifying causes and problems quickly and accurately.

      Correlate the diagnostics of the process. Monitoring, diagnosing, and tracing data will prevent faulty solder joints, defects, and costly repairs.

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      Monitoring and AI Analytics Tools- Improve Plant Performance

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology automates the SMT process by correlating and analyzing every type of SMT data

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      AI Advantages to the SMT industry

      Artificial intelligence can be a significant benefit to the SMT manufacturing industry. SMT process control can be integrated into a holistic end-to-end process to:

      • Increase yield and capacity. 
      • Improve the reliability and quality of the assemblies. 
      • Predict failures 
      • Reduce waste loss
      • Make better decisions and enhance the quality of manufacturing processes.
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      About QualityLine

      By automating and optimizing the entire SMT process with AI, a more intelligent inspection can be achieved.

      QualityLine is a provider of artificial intelligence manufacturing analytics technology that has improved the efficiency and quality of more than 1,500 production lines worldwide.