Manufacturing is our passion and we created our artificial intelligence software to support other companies in their factories’ digital transformation. Testimonials are the strongest validation of the services we provide.

Companies that use QualityLine artificial intelligence software gained full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle. Check below what they have to say about our solution:

    “With QualityLine AI analytics platform, we are able to drill down into
    each unit, component, and problem to quickly identify the root

    Eyal Zilca

    Testing Leader at STANLEY Healthcare

    Stanley Black and Decker SUCCESS STORY

    The production of medical devices presents many challenges. Here at Stanley
    healthcare we manufacture products that each card contains many details,

    and functionalities that must perform well together.

    Testing all parameters, processes and each data source simultaneously is

    essential, and QualityLine makes it possible.

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    “All Molex production quality management team is using the practical and powerful QualityLine AI technology on a daily basis.”

    Mr. Marcel Bonar

    Director of Quality, Telematics & Wireless M2M


    Molex is using QualityLine artificial intelligence software since 2017, keeping its existing manufacturing process and data output, but significantly shortening product manufacturing time. The company reduced its failure rate by 18% and its production capacity improved by 22% within the first year of use.

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    “Other solutions were either too expensive, with unnecessary features,
    or simply didn’t provide the required results.”

    Sigalit Fountain

    Director Engineering QA & EHS


    Using QualityLine’s customized solution, Emerson improved its yield by 22%. The implementation had a strong impact on the accuracy of data, and visibility of the production. Eighteen production chains are now effectively being managed, with harmonized capture of data and excellent root cause analysis.

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    “Exceptionally flexible system, that can adapt to our operations’
    needs unlike SAP and other solutions we reviewed.”

    Niv Tamir

    AVP Operations


    Gilat decided to use QualityLine’s real-time analytics solution and introduced remote monitoring with a go-life in 3 factories and over 35 databases by the artificial intelligence software. Its production capacity improved by 12% within the first year of use. The company noted a 23% growth in satisfaction.

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    “With QualityLine we had continuous efficiency improvement over the last 3 years, which represents significant cost savings.”

    Ohad Shental

    Quality Manager


    As a result of QualityLine’s Advanced manufacturing analytics contribution to Industry performance, Servotronix plans to roll out QualityLine’s solution across all company’s manufacturing sites.

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    “We were looking for a tool that would integrate all our data, analyse it and display it in an easy way. We found out that Qualityline analytics tool gives us everything that we need.”

    Remon Shekeib

    Industrialization & Global Test Solutions Leader at General Electric in Canada


    Remon Shekeib plans to optimise its process by using QualityLine solution to achieve a great ROI.

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      “With the QualityLine AI analytics I have identified 2,3 parameters at the process that are creating 90% of the Outspecs.”

      Philippe Rehm

      consultant at AECPL


      AECPL has now improved having all their parameters in one database to automatically run cross correlations. Anomaly detection alerts and real-time data visualization were

      created and delivered by the solution.

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      “As a global leader in non-destructive imaging solutions, Viscom offers unmatched expertise in
      customized metrology processes, automation and line integration. Exacom is part of Viscom group. With an adaptable system

      portfolio of X-ray and optical battery inspection solutions, manufacturers benefit from high-
      throughput, flexible configurations and 100% quality control.”

      Hagen Bergen

      CEO, Exacom

      Viscom SUCCESS STORY

      Batteries generate massive amounts of data during production, testing, and in-vehicle use.
      Currently, Battery Management Systems (BMS) capture some data (such as current state of
      charge) but the information is static and does not provide insight into the quality of the battery, making it difficult to generate meaningful data.
      QualityLine AI technology delivers end-to-end control of the manufacturing process by analysing automated data integration of any manufacturing data, including inspection data from battery production.The technology enables teams to cross correlate between different data sources for a quick and accurate root cause analysis and prevention that improves processes.

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