integrating and harmonizing every part of your manufacturing line

QualityLine remotely and automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data located on your production line (testing stations, machines, sensors, ERP, MES).

Our technology automatically decodes and interprets the different data formats into a unified tabular database. The data is then automatically analysed via advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning.

Finally, QualityLine creates an interactive manufacturing analytics dashboard system including prediction and automatic alerts of anomaly detection.

 Increase quality and yield by 30% in the first year

Data integration

Fast, secure and automatic data integration from testing stations, machines, sensors, and any other data sources that are located on your production lines, as well as from technical staff.

Advanced manufacturing analytics

Interactive dash-boarding system to perform quick and accurate root cause analysis of problems allowing you to maintain the quality and yield of your manufacturing process.

Automatic alerts and reports

Scheduling of automated reports and SMS/email alerts to prevent degradation in the manufacturing process.


Predictive analytics in order to anticipate and prevent at risk production processes.