You collect a lot of manufacturing data, which is great. Are you really using it to control your manufacturing processes?

How much of the data you collect is actually useful? The vast amount of manufacturing data is of no use unless it is integrated, harmonised, and analyzed. 

In other words, how much data are you really able to use to boost your efficiency? At QualityLine we use AI data integration to help you get the most out of your data.

The industrial digitalization consists of a set of innovations and transition solutions built on three fundamental components; automation, improved manufacturing processes, and production optimization. By using data to improve processes, industrial enterprises are able to enhance their productivity.

QualityLine AI manufacturing analytics software integrates, interprets, and analyzes any type of manufacturing data.  

The data from your existing sources is continuously collected, unified, analyzed, and visualized by QualityLine AI Analytics.

The impact of manufacturing use of integrated data – or industrial digitalization will gain real-time insights into a particular issue or workflow process. The research performed through data delivers automated root cause analysis, prediction, alerts and more.

The collection of manufacturing data allows the calculation and analysis of key manufacturing metrics, including downtime, as well as identification of equipment failures and stoppages. Operations that are efficient reduce waste, improve quality, and are cost-effective.